1963 Galaxie

500 Convertible

We obtained a 1963 Galaxie convertible that had its share of issues. Previous owner had been in a wreck and the R-Code 427 was long gone (Originally a 390 car) By the time it got to our shop it had a 2006 5.3 LS with a 4L60E. To say this car was a basket case is an understatement. Literally nothing worked when it came in. The original harness, gauges, etc were all there but completely disconnected. The LS engine ran but that was it. At this point we formed a plan to integrate the old with the new and after countless hours of wiring and custom harness fabrication we have a perfect blend of old with the new. Built a custom panel with Autometer electronic gauges, DVD touchscreen with reverse camera, full sound system all hidden in stock locations. Restored all of the dash trim and scripts and polished out the stainless. The trunk was filled with an air ride system that looked like a failed science project. We gutted out the trunk, welded in panels that were missing, sealed it all in, wrapped it in Dynamat and installed fabric on the floors and walls to match the custom amp rack. Later we replaced the Air Ride system with a properly upgraded compressor and tank with a Digital controller. Up front the disc brake conversion was done so poorly that the ball joints were literally loose in the spindles, not even tight! We machined the spindles and threaded everything correctly. Then we realized the Previous Builder had welded the shocks on in front of the A-Arms so that the wheels could not be turned without literally rubbing right through the shock absorbers! Some re-figuring and repositioning got the shocks located in a clear position and a local shop set it up with a great alignment. Next focus was on the rear of the car, it came in with a full SPOOL in the 9" rear! So not only could we not turn the front wheels but the back was locked 100% which made parking this beast nearly impossible. We removed the spool and setup the 9" with 3.50:1 gears and a Detroit Locker. Smooth quiet traction, no more sounding like a police chase when going through the parking garage. Interior, or lack of, some was teal and white, some was rust, some was silver paint over rust (tops of driver doors etc) We stripped the interior down rebuilt all the panels, recovered pieces in black leather and polished out all the trim. Next up will be a paint job as the owner saves up some more coin! - RM